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Digitalist invests in certified professionals

At Digitalist, we invest in certified professionals to inspire trust and confidence in our clients on their journey to digitalisation.

Everyone knows that the Internet is made of cats (see above) - except that it isn't; it is made of people. It is made by people and made for people. And cats.


At Digitalist, we help our clients as people - our constant drive to build rock-solid customer confidence means investing heavily in the quality-assurance aspects of our already well-developed agile processes. Part of this initiative concerns one of our core open-source platforms; the Drupal CMS.

We inside the Digitalist family already know that our Drupal development teams are second-to-none in delivering adaptable solutions of proven quality with total focus on the customer and their users. But sometimes simple case-studies are insufficient, so to help our clients - both current and prospective - to make a similar qualitative judgement for themselves, we ensure that each and every one of our developers achieve the industry-standard Acquia Certified Developer professional qualification.


At our Stockholm studio as of today, we are 19 certified Drupal professionals and counting. As our client you can have the confidence you deserve when working together with us in the digitalisation of your operation.

Quark, Strangeness and Charm

So why the picture of Schrödinger's cat? One of the values close to our hearts at Digitalist is total transparency in our relationships with partners. No black-boxes. What you see is indeed what you get – no quantum mechanics (or cats) required!

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